United Nations Simulation Conference

United Nations Simulation Conference (UNSC) 2019


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UNSC 2019


  •    The country allotment will be based on first come first-serve.
  1. Kindly confirm your participation by September 30, 2019.
  2. Please check the link provided for response sheet given in the website before selecting your countries to ensure that the country/countries you wish to select has not been chosen by another school. 


  •  The four committees of UNSC 2019 are as follows:
  1. General Assembly (GA)
  2. Security Council (SC)
  3. Historical Security Council (HSC)
  4. Futuristic General Assembly


  • Each school may send 5 ‘delegates’ – First fifteen schools will have the privilege to send delegates in the following order:
  1. Two delegates in General Assembly
  2. One delegate in Security Council
  3. One delegate in Historical Security Council
  4. One delegate in Futuristic General Assembly
  •    Kindly note that there are only 15 seats available in Security Council and Historical Security Council. Therefore, the schools registering after the seats filled in SC and HSC will be allotted only four delegates – in General Assembly and UNESCO. These schools will not be eligible for rolling trophy.
  • Each delegate is required to prepare draft resolutions and position papers on the two topics assigned for the committees represented by the delegate.

o   Draft resolutions should not exceed more than four preambulatory and eight operative clauses (Font size – 12, font type –Calibri).

o   Position paper - Font size – 12, Font type – Calibri which should not exceed 750 words

o   Delegates must specify the source of their information provided in the draft resolutions and position paper.


  • There will be two training session for all participants. The date and time will be notified later. It is mandatory to attend the training sessions.
  • Dress Code for the UNSC will be strictly formal or the ethnic attire of the country represented.
  •   Last date of submission of Draft Resolutions and Position Papers will be 25th October , 2019
  •  Visa arrangements in the case of out station schools will be the responsibility of the participating school.


UNSC topics 2019

General Assembly

  1. Tumbling oil prices – impact on world economy
  2. Protection of rights of LGBTQ

Security Council

  1. Regulating the Use of Private Military Contractors
  2. Protection of civilians in armed conflict - Missing persons in armed conflict


Historical Security Council

  1. The Iran-Iraq War, 1986
  2. The US Vietnam War

Futuristic General Assembly

  1. Militarization of Antarctica continent 2050
  2. The World in 2055: Coping with a Broken Climate

* Note: Support guide for Historical Security Council and Futuristic General Assembly will be made available very soon.