Aarathy Sarathchandran

Well Being Coordinator

Her tryst with GEMS Our Own Indian School began in the year 2016. With her exuberant nature, quirky sense of humor, spontaneous and witty repartees, Ms. Aarathy became an integral part of the secondary school within a short time. An extremely talented and creative person, her expertise has been sought in different arenas of school events very often. Renowned for her innovative teaching methods that foster critical thinking and a love for literature, she also plays a pivotal role in promoting students' mental and emotional health.

With strong leadership and communication skills, she collaborates effectively with colleagues, parents, and external professionals to create a positive and supportive school culture. Recognized for excellence in teaching and wellbeing initiatives, Ms. Aarathy is committed to the holistic development of students, ensuring they thrive both academically and personally.

In her tenure of eight years, she has adorned multifarious roles as the MEP Coordinator, Phase Coordinator of Zodiac, Assembly Coordinator and House Mistress of the Aries House. In her current role as the Wellbeing Coordinator, Ms. Aarathy has gotten off to a flying start by already charting out a comprehensive wellbeing program to provide individualized support to students facing personal challenges. Let’s wish her all success!