The CASE Examination for Grade X and XII

 A common examination is conducted for students of all GEMS CBSE schools as a pre-final examination. It is an internally driven examination held on the lines of CBSE Board examination to give students a feel of the external examination. Question papers are drawn out of a common pool papers from across the GEMS CBSE schools in the UAE. This mock examination has three sets of question papers with wide variety of questions that provide students the opportunity to get ready for the external examination.

CAT4 Assessment – Grades 3, 6 & 8

The Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT) is a suite of tests that assesses a student's reasoning (thinking) abilities in key areas that support educational development and academic attainment. CAT4 is the fourth edition of the test and comprises the following sections or batteries which assess different aspects of ability:

  • Verbal Reasoning Battery – thinking with words
  • Quantitative (or Numerical) Reasoning Battery – thinking with numbers
  • Non-verbal Reasoning Battery – thinking with shapes
  • Spatial Ability Battery – thinking with shape and space 

ASSET – A Diagnostic Skill Based Assessment (For Grades 3 to 9)

Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing is an external  benchmarking assessment for all Indian curriculum schools and is a scientifically designed skill based testing system providing information on the strengths and weaknesses of individual students, entire class and across classes with otherAsian Schools. It benefits both student and teacher as it helps checking up on the understanding of a concept early on so that remedial action can be taken. . 

The test consists only of multiple choice questions and provides feedback on students vocabulary levels, their ability to comprehend tests in varied forms, apply for concepts taught in real life situations and develop a love for learning understanding new things.

All students will receive a Certificate and the ASSET MyBook. ASSET MyBook is a personalized instructional material for each student based on the results. It contains: the detailed result highlighting the students strengths and weaknesses; practice questions along with the explanations and answers for the concepts that the student is weak in.

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