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There will be an Application fee of AED 500 (inclusive of VAT) payable in order to complete the registration process.

The application fee is not transferable across GEMS schools. 

Tuition fees for the Academic year 2019-20


 Grades  Tuition Fees
 KG1, KG2 6,360
Grade 1,2,3,4,5 7,279
Grade 6,7,8 8,246
Grade 9,10   10,357
Grade 11,12 12,965


The following are the mandatory services :

Type of service Fees (Once a year)
Application fee (new students only) 500
School Diary 20
ID Card 10
Annual activity fees for KG 150
Annual activity fees for Grade 1-5 250
Annual activity fees for Grade 6-8 350
Annual activity fees for Grade 9-10 400
Annual activity fees for Grade 11-12 450
Computer fees for Grade 1-4 120
Computer fees for Grade 5-12 160
Board Exam Grade 10


750  (with 6th  subject)

Board Exam Grade 12


815  (with 6th subject)

CBSE Registration for grade 9 and 11 120

  1. School fees should be paid latest by the 10th of every month.
  2. The total amount of fees payable in a year will be collected in 10 installments. Fees will not be collected for the month of July and August
  3. Computer fees are payable for only 8 months a year. These fees are not payable for the months of March, April, July and August.
  4. The Tuition, Transport and Computer fees are to be paid each month. If however, there are any additional optional payments to be made for any special facilities provided, this will be intimated to parents by way of a notice.
  5. The school fees is expected to increase subject to KHDA approval.
  6. Registration Deposit of 10% of the total Tution fee is charged at the time of admission and is deductible from the total Tution fee for the academic year.

*** Remainder of 1st month Tuition & additional fees payable ,if any (See Cash Counter)

Disclaimer: 'Please note that school fees for the upcoming academic year are subject to change in accordance with Article 51 the Bylaw of Federal Law No.(28) of 1999 Concerning Private Education and applicable regulations'