Mariamma Philip

Head of Department - Malayalam

Mariamma Philip, Head of the Department of Malayalam, joined GEMS Our Own Indian School on 18 April 1998. She holds a Master’s degree in Malayalam Language and Literature from the University of Kerala. Working for twenty-two long years with five different generations, has moulded her as a teacher and with the changing times, she has adopted diverse teaching strategies to meet the learning needs of her students. Interestingly, she was able to juggle with teaching both Physics and Malayalam for a number of years. In her multifarious roles as the Department Head, Timetable Coordinator, Examination Coordinator, Acting Supervisor, and Staff Secretary, she has established high standards for the school, setting milestones on the way.

Mariamma’s results in the CBSE examinations for the past many years have been exemplary and continue  to be. She was awarded with the Best Teacher Award in 2013, and nominated for the Mariamma Varkey Award. She believes that an open mind and a platform for open discussion helps any team to get the best ideas. Positive criticism, in her opinion, is the stepping-stone to betterment. A visionary leader can lead the system to better heights.