Pritha Banerjee

Middle School English Coordinator

Pritha has been working at GEMS Our Own Indian School since 2021 and is like a beacon of inspiration and knowledge in the classroom. She holds a Master’s degree in English as well as Education. She assumed the position of Middle School English Coordinator in the year 2023 and was also the Activity Coordinator for Middle School Boys’ Section.

She possesses a deep love for literature and language that is infectious, making even the most reluctant students curious and engaged. Her passion translates into dynamic lessons that blend traditional teaching methods with innovative approaches to cater to diverse learning styles. Moreover, she is approachable and supportive. She takes the time to understand each student's strengths and weaknesses, providing personalized guidance that helps them reach their full potential.

She also fosters an environment where creativity flourishes. She encourages students to express themselves through writing and discussion, nurturing confidence in their linguistic abilities. She is a patient guide who understands that learning takes time and effort, offering constructive feedback that helps students grow without discouraging them.

She was the recipient of the Educator of the Year award for the academic year 2023-24 for her hard work, dedication, and passion that she brings to the classroom every day. She hopes to work alongside our dedicated team of educators, students, and parents to create a vibrant and supportive learning community.