Shilpa George

Environmental Coordinator

Shilpa Solomon George is a highly efficient chemistry teacher working at Gems Our Own Indian School, where she has been nurturing young minds since 2007. With a master’s degree in Biochemistry, she possesses a deep understanding of her subject, enhancing her teaching capabilities.  Her dedication to education earned her the Best Teacher's Award in 2018, highlighting her exceptional abilities and commitment to student success.

From October 2021 to March 2024, she served as Section Coordinator in Senior school, overseeing academic and administrative functions and focusing on improving educational standards. She is currently the Environment Coordinator, emphasizing environmental awareness and sustainability within the school curriculum. She is known for her problem-solving skills and go-getter attitude, consistently finding innovative solutions for the benefit of the school community. Her efficiency and approachability make her a valued colleague and mentor, always ready to provide guidance and support. Her student-friendly approach and willingness to go the extra miles have made her a favorite among students. She received a gold medal for helping students achieve centum scores in her subject exemplifying her dedication to academic excellence. In February 2024, she won second position at the Madam Mariamma Varkey Inter-school Teachers' Debate, showcasing her eloquence and critical thinking skills. She inspires both peers and students to strive for excellence. Her unwavering dedication, exceptional skills, and compassionate nature make her an invaluable asset to Gems Our Own Indian School. She continues to inspire and significantly impact her students, preparing them for both academic success and meaningful contributions to society.