Susan Dominic Savio

Primary Science Coordinator

Susan Dominic Savio began her extremely fulfilling journey with GEMS OOIS in 2015 as a science teacher in the Primary Section. She has been shouldering responsibility as a phase CPD coordinator and grade coordinator. Having initiated and organized many noteworthy events and evolving as a leader, she confidently took up the next level in leadership in 2017 - the role of primary science coordinator for Grades 1 to 5. She led the department to be rated outstanding in attainment in 2019. She is known for her outstanding lessons that show an effective teaching methodology and varied teaching practices. Her strength lies in collaborative planning and meticulous execution of the plan along with her team members. She received the Best Teacher Award in 2017.

Susan holds a Master’s degree in Bio Medical Genetics and topped the University with a Bachelor’s degree, Zoology. Her passion  for teaching made her pursue a in Bachelor’s  Degree in Education from Madras University, Chennai,India.