Lorna Gomes

Supervisor Grade 4 & 5

Ms. Lorna Gomes joined GEMS Our Own Indian School in October 2022 with a backing of around 24 years of teaching experience in the field of primary and secondary education, both in India, Australia and Dubai to stand her in good stead.

 Ms. Gomes holds a Bachelor of Education degree from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and has since taught in prestigious schools like Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai and The Modern High School, Dubai (presently known as GMA). She also taught music in both these schools. She was designated the post of Educational Consultant at CNVM Nanavati School, Mumbai. In that capacity, she brought about significant changes in curriculum design and teaching pedagogy, apart from mentoring teachers one on one, advising changes in teaching-learning strategies. After an enriching teaching stint in Australia, she returned to the UAE and joined The Millennium School, Dubai wherein she was appointed as Supervisor of Grades 3, 4 and 5 in the last 6 years of her 11 tenure there.

Ms. Gomes also has an added TESOL/TEFL certification to her credit.

In all her years as an educator, she has always followed and advocated 2 simple mantras-

  1. Teachers should be guided and encouraged to think " out of the box" in order to make the teaching-learning experience fun and effective.
  2. Teaching is a work of “heart”.