Prathima Nag A


Prathima Nag A who believes in LIFE IS ALL ABOUT CHOICES MADE, has made a passionate choice of living life among the young minds who are never tired of their adventures. She finds her energies in the bubbling chatter of the school corridors. An Electronics  and Communications Engineer with a Post graduate in Marketing from Andhra University, India, she has amassed 18 years of experience in the field of education. For the past 12 years she has been serving GEMS Education in various capacities.

In the capacity of Chief Innovation and Digital Officer, she drives her students' passion to use technology by inculcating the culture of design thinking and there by helping them to hone their skills to address societal issues. She strongly believes in cyber etiquette and encourages her students to inculcate the same.

As a teacher she handles Informatics Practices in Senior School. Her experience with students combined with her corporate knowledge made her our obvious choice as the Career Counsellor of the school.